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Diocelina Valenzuela Mejia, Chiropractic Assistant

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For Diocelina, the most rewarding aspect of her job as a CA is seeing the change in patients after they receive chiropractic care. “I feel the most amazing and heartwarming part of my job is seeing patients walk in with their head down, and then when they walk out, they’re smiling ear to ear and just feeling welcomed and like family.”

Helping Patients Feel Comfortable

Possessing a bright energy and great personality, Diocelina greets patients with a warm smile, helping them feel comfortable at every visit. Before they meet with the chiropractor, she has a conversation with them to get to know them and what’s brought them in.
Joining the Practice

Before becoming a CA, Diocelina wanted to see herself in growth mode. “With Dr. JaGerran and Dr. Jessica having my back, I know there’s a lot of potential to grow at Mustard Seed Chiropractic and as a chiropractic assistant, so I’m excited for that.”
Diocelina also looks forward to sharing her knowledge with others who may be considering working in the chiropractic field. She hopes they can see the beauty of working in a chiropractic office.

Experiencing the Effects of Chiropractic

Until Diocelina started working at the practice, she had never been adjusted. Now, however, she gets adjusted weekly.

It’s the best thing ever mentally and physically!

Diocelina plays sports, so chiropractic has helped her stay active, and it’s helped improve her sleep.

Not only is she delighted by the positive changes chiropractic care has made in her life, but she also loves hearing patients tell her their chiropractic success stories.

Enjoying an Active Life

Outside the practice, Diocelina loves playing soccer, hiking, and finding hidden gems in Georgia to explore. She also enjoys spending time with her parents, who moved to the United States from Mexico over 25 years ago. “They definitely made me the person I am today.”

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