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Digital X-Rays in Smyrna

At Mustard Seed Chiropractic, we are committed to providing our practice members the best care possible. In addition to offering INSiGHT® neurological scans that help us assess the condition of your nervous system, we now have the ability to take on-site digital X-rays to analyze your spine.

Assessing the Condition of Your Spine

In our practice, we consider X-rays an adjunctive diagnostic tool that provides us with a clear picture of the condition of your spine. While we X-ray most practice members, we do not X-ray pregnant women or infants.

After taking your images, your chiropractor will review them to determine whether or not it is safe for you to receive an adjustment at your first visit. In many cases, we will proceed with a light adjustment at the first appointment. However, in other cases, your chiropractor may choose to study your images more in-depth before deciding on an appropriate care plan for you. In those instances, you will receive your first adjustment at your second visit, after we have explained our report of findings to you.

PI & Auto Accident Injuries

For our practice members who have been injured in a PI or auto accident case, taking our own X-rays allows us to provide attorneys and insurance companies with the detailed information they need to process your claims.

Rather than referring you out, we make getting the care you need more convenient by offering these services all under one roof.

Wellness Care

After completing the initial care plan, practice members who would like to improve their overall wellness will receive a recommendation from the doctor. We will typically based recommendation off your pervious history and past neurological scans & X-rays. This gives us a baseline and allows us to proceed with a full understanding of your spinal and nervous system health. Removing any guesswork means you get the specific care you need to meet your individual goals.

Get Your Health Back on Track

We look forward to welcoming you to Mustard Seed Chiropractic! Contact us today to schedule your first appointment.


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